With health care data, systems and services being increasingly more accessible via the internet and in the cloud, the sector is globally seeing a corresponding increase in attacks from those who would use and abuse sensitive data. Now, with an increasing reliance on online data and telemedicine due to Covid along with an increasing strain on resources and pressure on those working with healthcare systems, the issue of sensitive patient data safety and health system security has never been more actual.


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According to HealthITSecurity magazine, ransomware saw a resurgence in 2019, disrupting patient care around the world. However, third-party vendor breaches and phishing caused some of the largest healthcare data breaches of 2019. Hackers shifted tactics to increase the success rate of financially motivated attacks, with trojan malware even topping ransomware as the biggest hacking threat to the sector - Emotet and Trickbot hacking trojans being the most common malware…



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